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Meet Daniel 

Daniel is 34-year-old dad who served in the Marine Corps who knew he wanted more for his life.  He transitioned out of the uniform, got a job, started a family, but still felt something was missing.  He would stay up at night wondering how he was going to provide for his family.  How he was going to be the dad he knew he wanted to be.  How to show up as the husband and create the certainty his wife needed.

Daniel looks at his kids and wonders what life he is creating for them to grow up in.

He is seeking that connection to his wife and kids.  He keeps a lot of things bottled up because that is what he was told was the "right" thing.  He has conversations in his head that always end with him feeling broken, worthless, and wondering if this is what life is really about. 

He is looking for that one thing that will change his life in a radical way, he has big dreams, big ambitions, and a heart the size of the ocean. 

 He hears a podcast that says "Dads coming home" and he realizes he has been on autopilot with so much of his life.  He says "Today will be the day", he takes the first step which begins a journey of discovery,  growth, and vulnerability with others in a way he has never known.    

Dec 30, 2019

Today we have Jason Van Camp on the podcast, to say this man has a lot going on is an understatement, he is a husband, a father, and running multi businesses. 

Topics covered:

  • West Point
  • Essential Oils
  • Living an Adventurous life
  • Working from home with your family on the other side of the door
  • Letting your kids make...

Dec 23, 2019

Matt Kuchera is our guest today and I am excited to share this episode with you.  Matt served in the Airforce and recently transitioned out and has a common story that I think a lot of dads will relate to. 

He has one of those personalities that you can't help but feel like you have been friends forever and that you...

Dec 16, 2019

Today's guest was a fan of the podcast and wanted to give back to the community.  Brian and I talk about a lot of different things on the podcast and it’s a great example of two friends sharing a conversation. 

Topics Covered:

  • Tell your wife you love her
  • Building an empathy bridge
  • The honeymoon phase of coming back...

Dec 9, 2019

If you struggle with bedtime routine you are going to love this episode.  I talk about the various approaches we have had at bedtime, whats worked and what hasn't.  


Reading to our kids is a simple thing, and it doesn't seem like it can do a lot for our kids, but over time compounded with interest, those daily...

Dec 2, 2019

This is a special episode for a couple reasons. 

One, it is our 50th episode and means we have passed that first big milestone as a podcast.  

Two, in this episode we talk to a listener who has been with us since the beginning.  

Three, we talk about a recent blog post on the website about what the perfect gift is...