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Meet Daniel 

Daniel is 34-year-old dad who served in the Marine Corps who knew he wanted more for his life.  He transitioned out of the uniform, got a job, started a family, but still felt something was missing.  He would stay up at night wondering how he was going to provide for his family.  How he was going to be the dad he knew he wanted to be.  How to show up as the husband and create the certainty his wife needed.

Daniel looks at his kids and wonders what life he is creating for them to grow up in.

He is seeking that connection to his wife and kids.  He keeps a lot of things bottled up because that is what he was told was the "right" thing.  He has conversations in his head that always end with him feeling broken, worthless, and wondering if this is what life is really about. 

He is looking for that one thing that will change his life in a radical way, he has big dreams, big ambitions, and a heart the size of the ocean. 

 He hears a podcast that says "Dads coming home" and he realizes he has been on autopilot with so much of his life.  He says "Today will be the day", he takes the first step which begins a journey of discovery,  growth, and vulnerability with others in a way he has never known.    

Jun 28, 2020

Topics Covered:

  • Balancing Military life with family
  • Recognizing when to pull back on career
  • Making sure your people have time with family
  • Hiding in your Military Service
  •  How kids spell love … TIME
  • How you lead your life will be the model others use
  • When you wrestle with the pig you will get dirty
  • Vacation isn't...

Jun 26, 2020

In today's episode, I bring a message about change, fatherhood, and community to help provide a path for dad to create lasting change in the circles around them. 



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Jun 21, 2020

This week we dive into creating a lifestyle with remote work and how it can help you become a better dad.


Topics Covered:

  • The labels we use in society
  • Supporting your spouse to find her identity
  • Starting a family while having a business
  • Find your career with being a dad at the center

How to connect...

Jun 19, 2020

This week's episode is all about Father's Day and what we really need as dads to feel on this day to help anchor us in the most important part of our life, family.


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Jun 14, 2020

Mario Fields shares a humble story of learning to be a dad at the age of nineteen.  He served 26 years in the Marine Corps where he learned how to be a dad while serving, deploying, and as a Drill Instructor. 


Topics Covered:

  • Every kid is different
  • The role dads play in their daughter's life
  • List more to your...